Daniel León Calvo, or “Dani” as he is known to family, friends and supporters, is an 11-year-old boy who lives with his parents and older brother in Costa Rica. Dani, an honor student with a wonderful passion for life, has a rare blood disorder known as Pure Red Cell Aplasia or Diamond Blackfan Anemia. Only four other children in Costa Rica have this disease right now, and only 35 cases per year are diagnosed in the United States and Canada combined.

In 2016, doctors at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in Ohio agreed to take on Dani’s case and perform a bone marrow transplant, a procedure that can completely cure Dani and allow him to live a normal life. #TeamDani is currently working hard to raise $1 000 000 to pay for this life-saving procedure and give Dani a long, happy and healthy life.

Learn more about Dani and his road to a cure here.

How to Help?

All the money collected will be exclusively used to cover hospital stay, treatments, transplant and any other medical expense needed.
The estimated cost is about $1 000 000 USD

By making a donation, whether it is big or small, you will become a member of #TeamDani and you will be part of the support army for this hero!
We will let you know all the news about Dani during this process.

The Bone Marrow Foundation is supporting Dani and his family in this journey through the One-to-One Funds program.

The Bone Marrow Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt organization. A receipt will be provided automatically to all donors when a donation is made to Dani’s page.

Dani’s community, family and friends can raise money for the transplant expenses by visiting the organization’s website and make a donation.

One-to-One Funds

Other WaysTo Donate

Bank Accounts:

Name: Zaida Yessenia Calvo Salas
ID: 1-1158-0350

Banco de Costa Rica

  • Colones: 001-2097977-0 Cc: 15202001209797707
  • US dollar: 001-1919676-8 Cc: 15202001191967682
  • Swift: BCRICRSJ; San Jose Costa Rica

Banco Nacional 

  • Colones: 200-01-080-084698-6 Cc: 15108020010846987
  • US dollar: 200-02-203-1332-6 Cc: 15120320020013328
  • Swift: BNCRCRSJ; Av. 1y3, Calle 4 Costa Rica


  • Colones: 919863118 Cc: 10200009198631181
  • US dollar: 929302016 Cc: 10200009293020163
  • SINPE móvil 8346-9273
  • Swift: BSNJCRSJ Calle 0 Av. 3 y 5, S.J, Costa Rica
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